Arbonne Scam – Find Out If Being an Arbonne Independent Consultant is a Scam in This Review

In Switzerland, in 1975, Petter Morck had the idea to provide the ultimate in skin care products. With the help of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, he founded Arbonne. The business and products, based on botanical principles, expanded into the United States in 1980. Since then it has expanded throughout the world in places like Australia, Canada and United Kingdom, thus becoming Arbonne International. This was possible due to a network of Independent Consultants.

From the research I have done, it appears that Arbonne offers a wide variety of products from skin care to total body care and dietary supplements. The skin care products are all botanically based herbal blends that work with active components for optimal results. The total body care and dietary supplements consist of everything from aroma therapy, to vitamins, to healthy living and weight loss. And are essentially, botanically based, all natural herbal products.

There are two basic ways in which Arbonne Independent Consultants can earn compensation. First is through retail profit on sales of products purchased at discounted prices from the Company. Second is through commissions, overrides and bonuses paid on an Arbonne Independent Consultant’s product sales volume and the sales volume of other Preferred Clients and Consultants on their team, also known as their downline. Arbonne Preferred Clients receive a 20% discount on all Arbonne products and Consultants receive a 35% discount on all Arbonne products. The Company’s Suggested Retail Price for items reflects a 53.8% retail profit potential for Consultants. Preferred Clients/Consultants, Managers and Vice Presidents can also earn commissions, overrides and bonuses, based on their own sales of products and the sales of their downline of sponsored Arbonne Independent Consultants.

The Arbonne Scam conclusion. Arbonne is not a scam. Arbonne International is a legitimate, longstanding company with a variety of good products. The only thing that I see, is that you must be willing to sell to, or recruit family and friends. I suppose you could go door to door and try to sell, or recruit people that way. As with any sales position you must believe in what you are selling or you simply will not generate the kinds of sales you are looking for. I chose not to participate in this opportunity because I do not feel the need to recruit family and friends, or host live product demonstrations. If you are comfortable with doing those things, then this may be the right opportunity for you. I, however, believe there are better opportunities that don’t require getting family and friends, or giving live demonstrations.

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