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Arbonne Scam – Find Out If Being an Arbonne Independent Consultant is a Scam in This Review

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In Switzerland, in 1975, Petter Morck had the idea to provide the ultimate in skin care products. With the help of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, he founded Arbonne. The business and products, based on botanical principles, expanded into the United States in 1980. Since then it has expanded throughout the world in places like Australia, Canada and United Kingdom, thus becoming Arbonne International. This was possible due to a network of Independent Consultants.

From the research I have done, it appears that Arbonne offers a wide variety of products from skin care to total body care and dietary supplements. The skin care products are all botanically based herbal blends that work with active components for optimal results. The total body care and dietary supplements consist of everything from aroma therapy, to vitamins, to healthy living and weight loss. And are essentially, botanically based, all natural herbal products.

There are two basic ways in which Arbonne Independent Consultants can earn compensation. First is through retail profit on sales of products purchased at discounted prices from the Company. Second is through commissions, overrides and bonuses paid on an Arbonne Independent Consultant’s product sales volume and the sales volume of other Preferred Clients and Consultants on their team, also known as their downline. Arbonne Preferred Clients receive a 20% discount on all Arbonne products and Consultants receive a 35% discount on all Arbonne products. The Company’s Suggested Retail Price for items reflects a 53.8% retail profit potential for Consultants. Preferred Clients/Consultants, Managers and Vice Presidents can also earn commissions, overrides and bonuses, based on their own sales of products and the sales of their downline of sponsored Arbonne Independent Consultants.

The Arbonne Scam conclusion. Arbonne is not a scam. Arbonne International is a legitimate, longstanding company with a variety of good products. The only thing that I see, is that you must be willing to sell to, or recruit family and friends. I suppose you could go door to door and try to sell, or recruit people that way. As with any sales position you must believe in what you are selling or you simply will not generate the kinds of sales you are looking for. I chose not to participate in this opportunity because I do not feel the need to recruit family and friends, or host live product demonstrations. If you are comfortable with doing those things, then this may be the right opportunity for you. I, however, believe there are better opportunities that don’t require getting family and friends, or giving live demonstrations.

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Online Financial Consultation

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People today are looking for ways to make their hard earned money last. We are a society where the majority of us live paycheck to paycheck and not many people have plans or savings for the future. This is making online financial consultation more and more popular. There are some steps that one goes through when planning an online financial consultation.

Most companies will set up an initial evaluation. This is the driving force behind a long-term financial plan. It is a critical phase where the client provides comprehensive financial information to the consultant. Then consideration is given to both monetary and monetary goals. The key items looked at are net worth, goal setting, asset allocation, investment performance, estate and income tax, risk tolerance insurance needs and overall special needs.

Now, this may sound a bit overwhelming, but for the professionals who do online financial consultations, it is just the basics. That is why it is smartest to go to a professional.

After the initial evaluation, your online financial consultant will begin the strategic planning phase. This is where the comprehensive planning for your future begins.

The planning is based on such strategic areas as investments, risk management, income tax, stock options, charitable giving, retirement, wealth preservation, wealth transfer business succession and estate.

The final part is the ongoing monitoring of your financial plan. This is the source of creative ideas and solutions building your wealth. In this phase, the online financial consultant will measure investment performance, provide a quarterly reporting and continued strategic assessment and refinement as requested.

Financial consultation is an ongoing, collaborative relationship. Your financial consultant can help you identify your dreams, create a plan tailored to your dreams, and track your progress along the way.

A large majority of people who use financial consultants feel highly satisfied with their advisors and look forward to continuing their relationships.

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E-Business Consultants

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Ebusiness is becoming popular. As computers and other devices become cheaper, there has been a boom in the online business industry. Thousands of websites are created everyday that cater to the needs of customers by building a web page that is attractive and mesmerizing.

The first step in starting a business on the Internet is to build a website. The design and appeal of the website is important because there are thousands of websites, and there is fierce competition among them. To survive this competition an amateur businessman can hire consultants that cater to this need. A consultant can help an entrepreneur set up a good website for business and also explain the market condition and the type of competition that an E-businessman will have to face.

There are many pitfalls that an E-businessman faces when starting a business on the Internet. These dangers are well known to many Ebusiness consultants, because they have gone through the same experiences that an amateur businessman faces. This is the main reason why a consultant should be hired before starting a business.

Simply put, Ebusiness consultants cater to the marketing and other needs of an E business entrepreneur. An Ebusiness consultant is trained in graphic design, Ebusiness technology and advertising. This helps the amateur businessman to find solutions for problems that are unprecedented.

Other services provided by consultants include custom web design, logo design, graphic design services, software solutions and search engine optimization. These consultants are trained professionals who are selected from graduate students, IT professionals and high school IT teachers. Training classes include – Internet, e-mail and web browsing, use of online administration services for business, E-commerce and electronic communications. An Ebusiness consultant is also experienced in performance management, knowledge management, database to web integration, portfolio optimization, software application development and many more related fields.

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Struggling With SEO? Maybe a Small Business Consultant Can Help.

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A small business could struggle with finding a way to optimise their website effectively. A small business consultant might be the ticket. It’s not easy to optimise your site both for search engines and for your visitors. Not doing both extremely well could result in a flop or even a disaster. A consultant can find the happy medium between optimisation for search engine spiders and optimisation for your prospects.

Search engine optimisation / SEO consultants typically understand your position. They know that there is a fine line between keyword optimised and keyword stuffed. They understand that you want top spot in Google, Bing, and Yahoo for the top phrases in your industry and to rank well in local search engines but they know that too much of the keyword focus and not enough attention to customer experience won’t do much for you.

There’s a lot to figure out when you’re optimising on your own. And you don’t always have time for trial and error. Hiring an expert to run your marketing campaign for you could be a move that makes your life easier and that gets you the results you want.

Consultants typically spend time understanding your business model and your goals. Then they find a way to help you bridge those gaps. Many will work closely with you and at times, if necessary, they’ll take the reigns so that you can focus on what you need to focus on. A consultant will work with your desires and your goals in mind.

Finding the right consultancy firm isn’t always easy. Here are some tips:

• Look for a local firm. That way you’ll be in the same time zone and that will facilitate collaborative efforts. If you’re in the UK, for instance, you might hire a UK small business consultant.
• Check out the firm’s online presence. You can tell a lot about a company by the way they conduct themselves online. How can a company help you with your internet presence if they have no presence of their own? Don’t hesitate to dig into the online reputation of the company / companies you’re considering.
• Don’t enter into a contract lightly. Read the fine print. Look for reasonable guarantees. Look to see if the company has been in business for some time and whether or not you can find any complaints about them online.

The right small business consultant for your company will mesh well with you, listen to your wants and needs, and work with the best interests of you, your customers, and your bottom line in mind.

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High Priced Consulting – 5 Secrets to Remember

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What if you discovered how easy it is to make massive income using high-priced consultation? Do you want to know what it takes to make big money online providing one-on-one consulting? The purpose of this article is to get you started on the Internet making big money online working from home. Here are 5 simple steps to get you started quickly, easily and absolutely stress free…

Step 1 – Focus on a micro niche, not on the general topic.

Step 2 – Pick up the most pressing problem of your clients.

Step 3 – Ideas to research more problems of your niche.

Step 4 – Gather your potential clients into one single database.

Step 5 – Create one specific consultation for one single problem.

The purpose of this article is to show exactly what it takes to achieve success from your own consultation-based Internet business.

Here are step-by-step details that you can apply quickly and easily…

Step 1 – Focus on a micro niche, not on the general topic.

To make huge money out of your consultation it is important that you focus on a small niche rather than a general topic. People in your niche will have a very specific problem and your consultation will be far more valuable to them only when you provide them a specific solution to their niche problem. It is extremely important that you provide solution to the problems of your clients…

Step 2 – Pick up the most pressing problem of your clients.

It is the best idea to ask your clients what are your specific problems and then based on their problems design a specific consultation for them. You can do this easily by asking them to fill up a simple consultation-based form and then you can get ideas as to what you need to focus during the consultation session. Here are some tips that will help you to know specific problems of your niche…

Step 3 – Ideas to research more problems of your niche.

Visit high traffic forums in your niche. There you will find valuable discussions going on which will help you to evaluate the problems that your niche audience is facing. This will make sure that you need tons of ideas around which you can easily use to construct your consultation-based program. Do you know how to gather all your potential clients into one single system?

Step 4 – Gather your potential clients into one single database.

One of the biggest ideas to make massive income online is to start building your list and getting people to optin by providing them a free gift. Having your own list will help you to not only know the problems that your niche audience is facing but also you can promote them your consultation-based program whenever you launch it in future. This is a simple way where you can blast your consultation income very easily…

Step 5 – Create one specific consultation for one single problem.

As said about it will be best if you only focus on providing a single solution to every problem in your consultation, this will make it highly effective for your clients.

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How to Choose a Computer Support Consultant

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Like so many other companies, you have made a significant investment in what has become the life blood of your business, your computer systems. From workstations to laptops and servers, and from software applications to printers and Internet connection, you cannot afford to be down even for a minute. Finding a trustworthy professional to keep you running reliably and securely can be a tough and expensive exercise of trial and error and, if you are lucky, when they leave they have fixed more than they have damaged, costing you even more money in the end. This is no economy to be picking up the tab for an alleged computer professional’s on the job training. You want someone that understands your needs, and knows how to address them.

All of my clients have been through this headache-inducing process. From the time they put in a request to their current IT guy for a fix, it takes days to receive a response and another few days before someone actually shows up to address the problem. The person who arrives is frequently under experienced and leaves a trail of problems in their wake. I am reminded of the old cartoons when the severely nearsighted Mr. Magoo would leave a trail of accidents in his rearview mirror as he drove down the road, not a care in the world. I am sure we’ve all felt this way with various vendors we’ve worked with over the years. Many of them are the biggest in their industry and we’re left wondering how they ever got so big?

In the interest of sparing you the pain of hiring a Mr. Magoo, I offer this article with some helpful information for finding and hiring a trustworthy, competent and affordable IT support company

The Value of Referrals

I’d never eat at a C, would you?

Once I made the mistake of telling someone that I won’t set foot in a restaurant unless someone has recommended it to me. “Oh, you can’t be afraid to try something new,” she admonished. I just smiled and nodded as I thought to myself, it isn’t about trying new things, it’s about not having to pay for something I did not enjoy. Likewise, when in need of a new dentist or mechanic I always poll friends, family or colleagues who they use and if they are happy with the service. I highly recommend doing the same when it comes to getting support for your office computers. Ask other business owners in your professional circle if they are happy with their IT support company. If you belong to any local professional organizations, ask your fellow club members if they can suggest anyone. Trust me; the company they recommend will greatly appreciate the referral.

In the late 1990s a Los Angeles local news program ran a hidden camera expose on the filthy conditions of some area restaurant kitchens. Grainy video showed the most extreme violations common kitchen hygiene practices, let alone public health code. The images alone were enough to make one sick and, in the interest of not grossing you out, I will not go into any further detail of the infractions. The public outcry lead to the requirement that restaurants and even stores that sell food post the letter grade of their most recent city inspection. Virtually overnight, small white placards with big a blue A, B or, heaven forbid, C became prominently displayed in eatery windows and even gas station mini-marts all over town. One never sees a D or lower because those places must keep their doors shut until they have cleaned up their act and passed a subsequent inspection. It is rare to see anything lower than an A and, if one did, would one eat there? Probably not. Personally I need that little blue A, that referral from the Department of Public Health, in the window as a reassurance that I won’t be spending the night in the bathroom.

Similarly, you should not hire an IT provider who is not recommended by someone you trust and would not rate anything lower than an A on their virtual report card. I don’t recommend trusting in online reviews from places like Yelp or Yahoo Local where it is too easy for vendors to plant bogus glowing reviews about themselves, or discredit their competition. Another reason I don’t trust them is that shortly after noticing advertisements offering to pay people to write product reviews there seemed to be an uptick in customer product evaluations at various etailers. Coincidence, maybe, but I can’t imagine going online to to write a review about the underwear I bought last week whether they were comfy or not.

There are some sites that might be a little more credible, such as, where consumers pay an annual fee for the privilege of posting and reading vendor reviews. Ideally, this lessens the opportunity for self-promotion and abuse, but I am not sure it is worth a monthly fee.

So, unless there is a particular vendor endorsement web site you like, I would stick with referrals from more traditional sources you know and trust.

Vetting the Candidates

If you called the first person someone recommended to you and it worked out, great! If you have a list of possible vendors that is good, too, but it is time to carefully narrow your selection to the kind of organizations that can meet your needs without draining your wallet.

If your finances allow and your organization is so large you feel only IBM consulting can support your needs, keep in mind that large IT companies have a lot of overhead. If they boast of a thousand employees, huge customers and a big shiny office building, think of the hourly rates they’ll have to charge you to maintain all that overhead.

Instead, look for smaller, local companies that are hungry for your business but have an established, satisfied clientele. You are likely to have a more personal experience as well as more of an opportunity to negotiate fees, terms, etc. Interview them just as you would a potential full-time employee. Have them provide you a list of references and even the resume(s) of the technician(s) that would be assigned to care for your environment. Check their references and, if an IT vendor has posted a customer testimonial to their web site, give that customer a call and get more information. You might learn that things have changed and they aren’t as happy since the testimonial was given, or that while the support is good, their business and computer systems are Macs and you need a PC guru. Hopefully you will find that they have nothing but praise and continue recommend the to anyone and everyone. It’s worth the phone call. In addition to checking basic references, here are more areas to investigate to ensure their competency:

Are They Competent to Handle What You Have?

Ask them demonstrate that they are competent in the software and hardware your business uses.
I really like my mechanic, Mike. He does a great job on my family’s domestic vehicles but if one day I experience a mid-life crisis and go nuts with a German sports car. Hopefully Mike can service it, but if not, I’ll ask him for a recommendation of someone that can. Imagine if you finally settled on a company you like, but when the tech shows up, he stares blankly at your PC and says, “I’m really more of a Mac guy.” That in mind, before you start calling around to see which company gives you the warm and fuzzies, make a list of the software and equipment you expect them to support and go over it with them during the interview. Ask them for specific examples of when and how they have improved networks like yours. Their response should give you an idea of their level of competence with your computer, server, email, financial or accounting platforms.

Familiarity with Your Industry

If you have highly specialized systems, look for companies who cater to your niche.

To a certain extent, the nature of a particular business is incidental to what IT folks do. The accounting staffing company is probably running what the insurance guy has down the hall: HP or Dell hardware running Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, etc. with a T1, DSL or cable modem to the Internet. The staffing company will be running a recruiter-specific software application, such as ProSearch while the Insurance guy’s primary production application is Goldmine, or a web-based solution like Any IT guy worth his salt can take a quick look at these, do a little reading and have enough information to keep them running reliably. Businesses such as retailers or legal offices might have custom or legacy (old and out of warranty) software that requires a greater understanding to maintain. It can break in so many different ways that only someone with significant experience with that particular product or its foundations can render a fast, effective fix in the event of a failure. With a proper budget and knowledge, the best techs will have it configured with redundancy and failover mechanisms so that when it does break, it is transparent to the end users and there is no loss of productivity.
If you are running shrink-wrapped software like Windows, Office and QuickBooks, it won’t matter as much if the new IT support vendor is not immediately familiar with your marketing business as long as he has experience with the software you run it on. (He should take an interest to understand your business, which I get into in the next section.) If you are a securities broker with an SDLC card for your DTCC solution, it would be helpful to hire someone with a client base similar to your line of work. When that particular line of communication to the Wall Street goes down the last thing you want is your IT guy scratching his head and searching Google for error codes.

Understanding of Your Needs

Getting immediate problems fixed is important, so too is understanding what is essential to you and making continued improvements in your network to benefit your business.

As you entertain different companies the better prospects will work to gain an understanding of what is important to you and what you need so that you get a return on the investment you’ve made in your computer systems. He should ask questions like “What is the biggest challenge you are facing with your computers?”, “How do you feel things could be more efficient?” And “How is your current IT support vendor falling short?”

Does she listen and repeat back what you said to demonstrate an understanding of your situation, or just go on and on pushing her own product? Once you finally settle on hiring someone, over time the consultant should get a feel for your work flow and begin to make suggestions to improve efficiency and reliability. Security vulnerabilities should be discovered and mitigated, ongoing problems identified and resolved and eventually you will notice your network running more smoothly than ever. A couple of years ago I walked into the office of a new client and could not believe what I found. This was a multi-million dollar retail operation with over 100 employees in the field and 10 people in the corporate office on a peer-to-peer network. The “server” was the office manager’s desktop hosting all of the company’s documents including HR files, marketing, billing, invoices, resumes, etc. It was also hosting a huge QuickBooks file (over 500 MB!) which the other desktop computers accessed. QuickBooks just isn’t designed to run this way and, as a result, it crashed regularly. But that was not the first thing I noticed when I walked in. What caught my eye was a stack of black accounting ledger books, one for each of the 12 stores the company owned and operated. At the end of each shift, staff would call into a special voicemail-only number and leave the sales numbers. The following morning, a clerk would play back as many as 90 voicemails and transcribe the numbers into the black books for the owner to peruse later in the day. Talk about inefficient.

Within a month we had an online form available to the salons via Microsoft’s SharePoint. At the end of the shift, they simply added the numbers into the form for the owner’s immediate review in Excel. The new procedure saved the company 15 hours per week in labor costs!

Your IT consultant should be looking for ways to save you time and money by recommending and implemented efficiencies like we did for the customer described above. If this has not been your experience with your current provider, you need a new one.

Ensuring Business Continuity

Sure you have backups of your data, but do you know how to restore it? How long can you afford to be down while you struggle to get back up?

In the earliest stages of getting to know your environment, like before they are even hired, support providers should ask about your backups. How are they done – tape, external hard drives, online? Who is responsible for them? Are they tested? Once it is established that backups are performed regularly, and the budget allows, you should have a discussion about business continuity. How current does your backup data have to be for you to properly serve your customers? How long can you afford to be down while data is being recovered? In the event of a fire, flood or theft of your computers, how will you get that backed up data onto computers and get your business back up and running?

Make sure that your new IT consultant understands the answers to these questions and has the expertise to properly respond to an emergency to either keep you running, or get you back up and running according to their service level agreement.


If you expect to grow, your IT provider should have the knowledge and resources to build a computer infrastructure that grows right along with you.

What are the current growth projections for your company? Are you planning to downsize, stay as you are, or become the 800 pound gorilla in your market? Of course, a new IT consultant won’t be as excited to help you downsize as it implies shrinking income for them as your need for them shrinks right along with you. But if you plan to stay as you are or grow, your service provider should be able to assist as well as keep up.

In the economic downturn of late 2000/early 2001, or the “dot-bomb” era, I was laid off as business took a dive and my employer went into survival mode. Seemingly overnight this successful organization went from about 75 employees to about 5. I was retained to support their computers, but when they decided to move to a more austere office I was not consulted and certain critical things were left out of planning the relocation, like the Internet connection. As a staffing organization the Internet was a key tool to find candidates for their customers, to send and receive emails, post positions to the job board on their internally hosted web site and more. No one at the company transferred the existing Internet service to the new office. And even if they had, no one had the expertise to make sure the web site and email would continue to flow when the servers were moved and brought back online. They were dead in the water.

Today you can get an Internet connection in a couple of days, but this incident was back when the DSL providers had over sold their services through very creative TV advertising campaigns (who remembers SBC’s “Web Hog” commercials?) and new installations were 6 weeks out. So, in a major pinch, they called me and I was able to help them get a temporary and very slow dial-up connection to the Internet to at least get email flowing again.
Whether you are growing or shrinking, your IT guy must know how to set up a new office or move your existing one so that all of your IT services go right along with you. Many IT departments become the de facto Facilities Department of their organizations, so they might even be able to help ensure that your other utilities, such as power and telephone are properly set up as well. If this is an additional office, it must be determined in advance the level of communication required between the computer systems. Will staff at the new location require access to files on servers at the old location? How will they log onto the network at location 2 when the server is at location 1? Is a new server required or will a site-to-site VPN connection be adequate? These are all issues a good IT service provider should be conscience of and develop solutions for.

Respected in the IT Community

The Mr. Magoos of the world develop reputations that begin to precede them. I’ve received resumes from people I would not ever hire based on personal experiences. In some cases the resumes themselves were so error laden, I could not let the sender near one of my computers. On the other hand, some IT guys are so respected that they are never out of a job because they have built such strong reputations as being technically proficient as well as just pleasant to have around. IT vendors can develop similar reputations through the good work of the people that comprise their staff. As mentioned earlier, you should be able to get references from those companies you are hiring, as well as copies of the resumes of the technicians assigned to care for your computers.

Another way to ensure their respectability is through their contributions to the IT community. I have yet to meet the computer professional that knows everything there is to know about computers. There are those who have an awesome memory and can remember every detail of configurations of esoteric applications they worked with 5 years earlier. Others, know a lot, but depend upon the IT community such as their partnerships and online support forums for help with more difficult issues. Hopefully someone has experienced with the same problem I have and has taken the time to post the resolution online. Likewise, when I get over a hump others are still struggling to conquer, I try and let everyone know the solution that worked for me.

A simple Google or Bing search of the name of the company you’re considering, the owner or her technicians might return contributions they have made to their community in the way of technical articles or blog posts. You might also find that they belong to industry affiliations for improving the level of service they provide their customers, awards, or other honors.

Howdy Pard’ner

The vendor you choose should have formal partnerships with the makers of products they sell and support. Among the myriad reasons Microsoft is such a big and powerful company is the value they place in their partners. As a technician, I know that, if I get in a jam, highly skilled support for any Microsoft product is a phone call away. For each product Microsoft has a team of professionals all over the world to help resolve the situation and make sure my customer is pleased. Whether 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning, if my customer’s email server is down and I have exhausted all other methods to resolve the problem, I know I can call Microsoft and a team of engineers will work with me 24 hours a day until it is fixed. They are one of the few companies that will do this and it is thanks to my partnership level with them, Small Business Specialist. This is not a designation that comes easy – a prospective partner must pass a series of tests and satisfy other stringent requirements. The more requirements met, the higher the partnership level and associated benefits.

If you are running Microsoft products in your business, make sure that the people you hire to support you enjoy some level of Microsoft partnership. Likewise for Sun Micro Systems, Oracle, Trend Micro, etc. You will benefit greatly from their association with these companies.

They will know more about the product and take greater interest in it resulting in a residual benefit for you in the way of more reliable performance. It could also mean better pricing when it comes time to upgrade or renew your license.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

When you trust someone with the keys to your kingdom, get some assurance they won’t make copies to share with others.

Almost any business has a valuable database of customer contacts that has grown with them over the years. It can include current and past customers as well as sales leads that will hopefully pan out one day. It takes years of hard work to develop such a list which contributes to the overall value of our company. You would never want to lose this resource or allow it to make its way to a competitor. To prevent it from becoming lost or corrupted it should be backed up nightly with your other data. And to keep it from falling into enemy hands, anyone like an IT provider with access should sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This goes for your employees as well; particularly those in a sales role who would benefit from your hard earned Rolodex if they jumped ship to start their own firm or went to work for your rival. You can easily find customizable boiler plate NDAs on-line, or send me an email and I will gladly provide one to you.

Contracts: Good and Bad

I am so thankful that cable TV, regular telephone service, the gas and power companies don’t make you sign a contract. Of course, they are pretty much monopolies so why would they? But I am sure they would if they could – they’d ding you when you move and need to cancel your contract, then they’d nail the person who buys your home with a sign-up fee. Fortunately, they don’t do that, at least not the ones in my neck of the woods, at least, not yet. It seems like there is plenty of cellular competition out there, but an implied conspiracy suggest they are in cahoots with their obscene early termination fess in excess of $300. The upside to the competition is, of course, they know that when that contract is up, you are a free agent to sigh with whomever you please, so they better be Johnny On the Spot when problems need correcting. I notice a significant difference between the level of service I get from the cable carrier which also provides my Internet service for my business (no contract and no cable competition) and my cellular carrier (contract with competition). The service I get from the latter is infinitely better and I gladly recommend them to others. The cable company? Not so much.

IT support providers have plenty of competition and in order to keep you, most will try and get you into a contract. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. The vendor enjoys predictable cash flow and some assurance that, despite how happy you made them today, they are less likely to hire someone else who is running an enticing promotion. What’s more, the vendor wants to keep making you happy by exceeding your expectations. The more smoothly your machines run, the less downtime you have, the less time you have to worry and the more time you have to focus on developing your business. Likewise, the better your equipment runs, the more money they make not having to pay someone to dash out and fix them. It is win-win for everyone involved. Indeed, contracts in this case can be good for everyone, but make sure that there is some kind of out clause so that you are not held hostage by a company providing you rotten service.

So, if either party can get out at any time, what’s the purpose of the contract? To establish expectations: I will perform this service for you and you shall compensate me x. If I fail to perform said service you may cancel the contract. If you fail to pay me, I will stop service until I receive payment, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, I am writing this in a period of economic decline and things are tough all over. I have allowed several clients to defer payment because I know business is slow for them and they are waiting on payment from their clients as well. Historically they pay their bills and we are all counting on the economy improving. But more importantly, their success is my success and their computers not working properly will impair their ability to conduct business and pay me. I believe this personal touch is what is going to help many companies survive this tough economy.

Even if your contract establishes 15, 30 or 90 terms, the personal relationship you develop with your vendor should allow for some wiggle room in this area as circumstances dictate.

SLA and SOWs

Establish in writing expectations for ongoing support as well as any special projects.

As its name implies, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) establishes the level of service the vendor is expected to provide and the customer expects to receive. It can be issued and signed separately or as part of the contract. On the hardware side this might include computers, servers, software, network and ancillary equipment. For example, the software could include the operating system and production applications such as the Exchange (email server) on the server side and Outlook (email client) on the desktop side.

The SLA should also establish how quickly you should expect the vendor to respond to when you alert them to a problem. Depending upon the severity level, their response time might range from 1 hour for the most critical issues (server down) to 4 hours (1 of 5 printers has a paper jam).

Any work not defined in the contract’s SLA performed on your computer systems should be clearly defined in a Statement of Work (SOW) to establish expectations on both ends. In a nutshell, the SOW will state the problem or need, the solution, timeline, deliverables, end result and costs.

An SOW might not be needed for the odd printer jam or email snag, but if you have been sold a firewall to control employee web surfing, viruses and spam, the statement of work will help both parties understand the scope of the project and agree when the project has been completed properly by the consultant and accepted by you. The last thing you want is for the consultant to tell you he is finished installing Internet filter but your employees are still updating Facebook on company time and you’ve got more spam in your Inbox than ever before.

The sole focus of this article has been to give you some guidelines for selecting a computer consulting company that, in the end, keeps you and your computers humming a happy tune. With any kind of sophisticated there will always be some issues, especially as changes are made, but overall your systems should run reliably when properly cared for and there should be no nagging, lingering problems that never seem to get fixed. I have worked in few companies where IT was given top priority. In fact, I can count them on one hand; it was a technology company with a commercial website, so naturally there was a great deal of emphasis on the quality of the network, servers, workstations, etc. and technicians looking after them. Unfortunately, either through budget constraints or misplaced priorities, IT usually goes under nurtured and, when there is a failure, it is a big emergency. The email server crashes and everyone runs around like the clichéd headless chicken clamoring for a fix. All the while untold business is lost by this huge workplace distraction. Productivity drops as the crisis dominates the day which is consumed by meetings to find solutions, workarounds or just commiserating and no one able to do his or her job. Making things worse, excuses are having to be given to customers because “the system’s down again” and the organization looks just plain bad.

Only a computer professional with training and experience in the software and hardware you operate has the skill set required keep it all running properly.

If you have not had the time to read everything in this article, here are a few quick questions to keep in mind when considering a company or individual to care for your business computers:

1. Can you provide a list of customer references?
2. Are you certified to support my hardware and software?
3. Do you have a written Service Level Agreement?
4. Do you have any other customers in my industry? (If so, make sure they are in the list of references.)
5. Is your work 100% guaranteed?
6. Do you offer monthly support maintenance agreements?
7. Do you offer a discounted hourly rate for customers under a maintenance agreement?
8. What is your guaranteed call back time for emergencies?
9. How do you protect my data and can you give an example of how you recovered a client’s data in the past?
10. How quickly can you get my business systems up and running in the event of an emergency?

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Fruit-Based Spirits to Try this Season

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Fruit based spirits like Strawberry or Raspberry liqueur are a great way to add flavor to drinks and cooking. They can be made from fruits that you might not normally think of, like apples or pears. The alcohol is infused with the flavors of the fruit, so they give your drink an interesting twist without adding too much sweetness.

Here are a few fruity tropical liqueurs and spirits to try out in your cooking as well as a refreshing beverage.

Applejack is made from concentrated apple juice. It is traditionally distilled,Guest Posting then aged in oak casks for a few years. Applejack has notes of vanilla and toffee that are brought out by the aging process. Try it with other flavors like cinnamon or nutmeg for an enhanced taste experience.

Some people prefer mixing Applejack with cider instead of drinking it on its own because it gives their drink an interesting flavor without being too sweet. It can be used in cocktails such as the traditional Brooklyn Cocktail that is made with dry vermouth, applejack, and maraschino liqueur.

Applejack offers flavors that are unexpected in a spirit, and this allows it to be used when cooking. It can add sweetness which is great for glazes or reduced sauces on meat dishes such as pork chops, beef tenderloin, pheasant, venison steak etc.

Alternatively, apple brandy is made out of fermented apple juice that has been distilled into hard cider then aged in oak barrels. It tastes like apples but with an extra kick because of the high proof (80-100). The higher ABV also means you don’t need to use much, just about one shot per cocktail recipe should be sufficient. Some people enjoy drinking apple brandy straight up while others prefer using it in cocktails where they can appreciate its flavor more since there are other ingredients involved too. Its mild taste and aroma also mean it won’t interfere with the other flavors in your drink so feel free to experiment. Just mix some apple brandy into a whiskey cocktail or even vodka and cranberry juice if you want something lighter.

Apricot Brandy
Apricot Brandy is another great fruit-based spirit that can be used in a wide variety of cocktails. It is also great when served up with some ice and soda water or an orange peel garnish. There’s no reason why you should only drink it straight though so try using apricot brandy to spice things up.

This fruity beverage has a sweeter taste than apple brandy but still maintains that characteristic fruit flavor which makes it ideal for spicing up simple drinks like vodka and soda, gin & tonics or rum & coke by adding this spirit instead of regular spirits. You can even add a dash into your favorite cocktail recipes too. Remember there are only small amounts needed per recipe since the flavors will really come through if you use one shot per drink; don’t put in too much of it though or the drink will taste really sweet and not very nice.

Apricot Brandy is a liqueur made from apricots, either from concentrate, puree or dried. It differs from other fruit-based spirits in that it isn’t aged in wood like most others which gives it a sweeter flavor than most others.

Blackberry Liqueur
Blackberry Liqueur offers a great taste of the fruit that you don’t get when using blackberries in other forms. It’s great for adding into cocktails or used to make delicious desserts with too. Blackberry Liqueur is made using fresh blackberries with a vodka base. If you are looking for an easy way to add flavor into your drinks then this might just be the one for you.

Cherry Vodka
Cherry Vodka is also a fruit-based spirit, this time made using cherries with a vodka base. It can be used in cocktails or for cooking recipes that call for fruit-based spirits to add some delicious flavor.

Cherry Vodka offers a beautiful taste of cherry without overpowering other ingredients thanks to its smooth vodka backbone. It is also perfect when added to desserts or even poured on top of ice cream. If you’re a sweet cherry fan then you can’t go wrong with Cherry Vodka.

Cranberry Liqueur
Cranberry Liqueur, like the fruit, offers a tart and sour taste. It’s made by macerating cranberries, sugar, water and vodka together before filtering out the solids to leave a liqueur ready for drinking. Cranberry Liqueur can be used in many different cocktails or on its own for sipping over ice, perhaps with some soda water. If you’re serving drinks at Christmas time then why not experiment with Cranberry Liqueur mixed with your favorite spirit.

Grapefruit Rum
Grapefruit is used in a lot of fruit-based spirits, but one that stands out is Grapefruit Rum. Fresh grapefruit juice is used in the process, giving it a unique flavor. Ideal for making citrus-based cocktails or adding to other drinks.

Grapefruit Rum can be mixed with bitter lemon, lime and also tonic water, which makes an incredibly refreshing drink. Alternatively, you could try using Grapefruit Rum in place of vodka when preparing your favorite food recipes too. Perfect for barbeques in the summer.

Strawberry Liqueur
Strawberry Liqueur is a firm favorite among sweet-toothed liquor lovers. The bright red fruit is used in the production process, giving it a vivid color and unique flavor. Strawberry Liqueur can be mixed with other spirits to create drinks or cocktails; try adding strawberry liqueur instead of triple sec when making margaritas.

This flavored Liqueur is also great for cooking recipes that use strawberries too, including cakes, biscuits and desserts. Try using Strawberry Liqueur as an alternative to balsamic vinegar when preparing salads which adds wonderful flavorsome sweetness.

Raspberry Liqueur
The tangy Raspberry is another sweet fruit that is used in the production process of liqueurs and spirits. Often described as a ‘summery’ taste, raspberry gives drinks which it has been added to a unique flavor.

Raspberry Liqueur can be mixed with other types of alcohol or even soda water for cocktails or drinking straight from the bottle by itself. Raspberry Liqueur goes great when making cosmopolitans too. Raspberries are also incredibly healthy, being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, perfect ingredients to add into your drinks if you want an extra nutritional boost.

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of fruit-based spirits and will find them to be a great addition to your home bar. Not only are they delicious, but their bright colors add excitement and fun to any party or gathering. Sharing these drinks is also a wonderful way for people to get together and connect.

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The Perfect Low-ABV Cocktail for Fall

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Autumn is finally here, and with it comes cooler weather, changing leaves and the perfect opportunity to sip on a delicious cocktail. However, this time of year also means that you will be consuming less alcohol than in summertime. Fall cocktails tend to have lower ABV (alcohol by volume) because they’re made with fruit liqueur instead of hard liquor like vodka or gin.

What is a low-ABV cocktail?

A low ABV cocktail has less than 15% alcohol. They are often made with fruit liqueurs like a nice sweet raspberry liqueur,Guest Posting instead of hard liquor like vodka or gin.

Low-ABV cocktails tend to be sweeter and syrupier, which makes them perfect for fall because they’re not too heavy on the palate. Fruit based drinks work best as they carry fruity flavors without adding any additional bitterness from spirits such as rum or tequila. These types of beverages make great drink when you don’t want to have that heavy, full-bodied feeling after one or two drinks.

Why drink less alcohol this fall?

Drinking less alcohol during the fall season can be very beneficial.

Helps you avoid getting sick due to the cold weather and low immune system during the season. You don’t want to drink if your body is not in 100% shape because it could result in a terrible sickness that lasts for weeks or months.
You will save money, since lower ABV drinks are cheaper (and more exotic) than higher ABV ones like whiskey, tequila, vodka etc.
You don’t have to feel guilty about binge drinking.
You won’t be having a terrible headache the next day.
You can focus on work rather than on your hangover.

Here are a few low ABV cocktails to try this fall season:

The Classic Martini
One low ABV cocktail is the classic martini which uses gin. The classic martini has an ABV of between 15% to 18% and you can make a classic Martini by mixing 50ml of gin with dry vermouth. Add a twist of lime if you like or an olive for that classic look.

Apple Cider Sangria
An Apple Cider Sangria is another low ABV cocktail, that offers a very refreshing and warming taste.

Mulled Wine
Mulled wine is made with red wine, orange juice and spices. It is very easy to make and offers a low ABV. The mulling process brings out the flavor in this low-ABV cocktail. This drink will warm you up during cold fall days. Add some honey to sweeten it more if desired.

Hot Toddy
Hot Toddy is usually made using whiskey, lemon juice and honey. This drink has a ABV of between 30% to 40%. The ingredients in this cocktail create the perfect balance for fall days.

Bourbon Sour
A bourbon sour is a drink that can be made by mixing bourbon whiskey with lemon juice and sugar. This cocktail can have an ABV of between 30% to 40%. It has the perfect blend for fall days. The Bourbon Sour offers flavors similar to those found in hot toddy drinks but it also provides options such as being shaken over ice instead of served warm like traditional Hot Toddys. Mint leave may be added to it to give it some extra flavor and aroma.

Mint Julep
Mint Julep is another great low ABV drink perfect for autumn nights. A mint julep contains lots of fresh mint leaves which are usually crushed together with raw sugar syrup, ice cubes, water or club soda in order to create this refreshingly cold beverage.

Moscow Mule
The Moscow Mule is a great low ABV drink served in a copper mug. It is made of vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice.

Pineapple Pina Colada
The Pineapple Pina Colada using a very low ABV pina colada liqueur is also a great fall drink. In fact, it is a good drink not only for Autumn, but all year around with its refreshingly sweet and creamy taste.

The perfect way to enjoy the changing seasons is with a delicious, low-ABV cocktail that provides just enough of a buzz without being overwhelming. Any recipe that uses fruit liqueur will be a great fall beverage, not too strong yet providing the light warming feeling that you so desire during this relatively cool season. In addition fruit liqueurs add a whole lot of flavor to any drink, including a simple fruit punch, so it is by far a great choice when it comes to low ABV drinks.

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Your Guide to Commercial Disinfection Services

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Discover the benefits of hiring commercial disinfection services for your business.

Your Guide to Commercial Disinfection Services

Has a member of your staff been reported as COVID positive,Guest Posting or presumably COVID positive? As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your employees and customers safe. You may be wondering what needs to be done. Do you need to clean the space? Do you need to close your business until the cleaning is done? It is a lot to navigate by yourself.

This guide explains why you should work with a commercial disinfection team and the services they provide.

Why You Need Commercial Disinfection Services

So, what needs to be done if a COVID case has come in contact with your establishment?

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. Regulations have changed many times throughout the pandemic. The rules also vary between different states, municipalities, and industries. Information that you find on the internet may be out-of-date or misinformation. It is a profoundly frustrating situation.

Professional commercial cleaning services are knowledgeable about COVID-related cleaning requirements. Contact them, and they can help you understand how the rules apply in your particular industry.

Working with a commercial disinfection service also helps protect yourself from liability. You do not want to risk your employees or customers catching a dangerous virus when you know there is a risk of infection. This could lead to costly lawsuits or increases in insurance premiums.

Viricidal Disinfection

Viruses are not easy to disinfect. A bit of soap and water isn’t enough to reliably kill all viruses. Luckily, virus disinfection products have become more common since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. But not all disinfection products are created equal. Professional disinfection teams understand which combination of cleaning supplies work to efficiently eliminate as many viruses as possible.

In addition to powerful cleaning agents, thorough virus disinfection also requires a strategic and thorough clean of your building. Efforts focus on surfaces that are most likely to come in contact with hands, such as handles, phones, light switches, and doorknobs. Trained professionals can identify these high-risk locations and make sure they receive adequate attention.

Professional Personal Protective Equipment

Any specialty cleaning project requires personal protective equipment (PPE). In the case of viral disinfection, it is critical that cleaners are protected from any virus that is present. Equipment such as professional-grade respirators or face masks allows technicians to limit their risk of exposure.

Some business owners may attempt to clean their property themselves. This is a mistake. Not only are you risking your health, but also the health of your customers and employees because you will not be able to clean the property adequately. Asking untrained employees without the proper equipment to clean could also lead to health and safety-related lawsuits.

Caring for Your Staff and Customers

A COVID scare at your business is both an immediate safety concern and a logistical problem. By hiring a commercial cleaning service, you can handle your logistical issues in a safe, professional, and efficient manner that allows you to focus on attending to the needs of your staff, your customers, and your businesses.

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List of the best Manhwa Websites you should discover

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These article explains List of the best Manhwa Websites you should discover

Manhwa appeared very early in Korea because it is especially interested in the art of pictures. Manhwa can be said that early Korean Manhwa,Guest Posting like Vietnamese fables, brought cultural values very big. In Korean Manhwa stories, Korean people always appreciate the precious qualities of Korean people in life, such as Altruism, friendship, solidarity, comradeship. The Korean want to convey their tasks, educational lessons, and a place where they can display their national pride through Manhwa. Unlike children’s comics featuring superhero characters such as superheroes, spiders, and so on, Manhwa depicts the nature of people in real life; these stories always demonstrate the ability to analyze emotions as well as the character’s inner feelings in each situation. Manhwa is a tool for Korean people to show their unique culture to international friends, and the Korean government is very interested in it because of its strength and high cultural expression.
Get the hottest titles on the Manhwa App. As soon as the titles appear on Korean newsstands, you will get them at this best Manhwa reading app. With a subscription-based model, this Manhwa app unlocks multiple Manhwa and Manhwa series. On this Manhwa app, you can create a free account and get access to free Manhwa and anime books. However, if you want to read the latest Manhwa, you will have to pay a price of $1.95.

The free comic reader is best if you want to add favorites, bookmarks, and navigational features. Remember that you cannot register with a social network account.
It is a mobile application that allows you to read countless Manhwa comic books with many different genres such as Romance, fiction, action, school, fantasy, humor, business weird for free.

Manytoon highly respects the creator’s products, ideas, and brains, so this application has purchased the full copyright for all the series available on the application. Most of the comics on Manhwa are colored, accompanied by sharp HD quality images, bringing a sense of attraction to readers. Along with that, the translations are invested very carefully, so the sentences in the comics are easy to understand.

The ability to quickly update stories every day is one of the plus points that make users love using Manytoon. This application will update new chapters regularly, which means you will be able to see up to 7 chapters a week instead of having to wait 1 week for 1 episode.
Best webtoons is a trusted source and popular app that covers the entire digital catalog. This best Manhwa reader app allows you to read the latest chapters the same day they are released in Korea. Build your graphic novel library with this Manhwa reader app. Read free previews of paid episodes, bookmark your favorite moments, and more with this best Manhwa app.

Comics on this website are written in English, with a variety of genres, easily satisfying any reading interest of your readers.

In particular, the website not only works on the web-based web-based reading of WebToons stories but also has a mobile application, making it convenient and comfortable for readers to search and read the latest series at all times on any device.
The website is well known in the light novel reading community, they offer good scans, free reading of the latest Manhwa, and concurrent releases with Korea.

They offer the latest Manhwa for free, although re-reading will require you to subscribe to their monthly services. Manhwa Plus also features a wide range of popular and independent Manhwa collections. Add Manhwa you like in your Favorites, share comments on a chapter, and interact with the community.
It is also considered as one of the best free Manhwa reader apps although its outdated user interface slows it down. For Manhwa enthusiasts, this app is heaven because its library includes over 15,000 Manhwa 18 titles. The feature that makes this app one of the most used Manhwa reading apps is the English translation feature. All available titles have been translated into English, which is a huge comfort for those new to Manhwa. This app’s online chat platform allows Manhwa readers to communicate with friends. The online community is constantly informing you of new works and upcoming chapters of the Manhwa series.

Manhwa 18 also publishes new chapters of various titles as soon as their publishers release them. The “search feature” allows users to instantly search for titles without having to scroll up and down. “Offline reading” allows users to download and read their favorite Manhwa titles at their leisure. The Manhwa 18 app is available for both Android and iOS users to download for free.
This is another website for manhwa 18 enthusiasts not to be missed. Although the site has a less user-friendly interface, it offers a great variety of comics that you can add to your digital bookshelf, as well as get cool deals.

First of all, most of the comic books the site offers here are free. Second, the site has individual theme packs for you to download and read, following the same universe, character, or theme.

No matter what storybook you’re looking for, you’ll have several download options to choose from. Just have the software ready to read the CBR file format on your computer or mobile device.
It is one of the websites that specialize in publishing well-known Manhwa works that Manhwa fans should not miss. Looking at the cover designs of the works on the website, it is clear that the comic style on this site is more akin to a Chinese manhua.

This website features a wide range of comic genres for a wide range of audiences. Every comic work on this website includes ratings, reads, and comments to assist other readers in determining which works are popular and well-regarded. This site is free to use, so to maintain and regularly update new works, UR Manhwa will display advertisements. However, these advertisements will not have a significant impact on your reading experience!
Although it is a new comic reading website, the series is extensive and popular among young people.

You can filter stories by topic on the webtoon website, so you can be sure to find the series you want to read quickly.

In particular, the story is updated frequently, and the content of the story is accurately assessed. It will be an excellent choice for romance fans looking for something different from the traditional text story genre. is a free Manhwa reader application for Android devices. You do not need to register or pay to read the Manhwa, simply choose the source and start enjoying the Manhwa with new chapters updated regularly.

Among teenage girls and boys, reading Manhwa is a common habit. Even some adults still enjoy enjoying their leisure time reading Manhwa. But comic books aren’t always available around, and oftentimes you don’t have much of a chance to get the full series. In this case, A free reader is a must-have application on your smartphone. You will no longer have to waste time choosing or spending money to buy your favorite Manhwa books. All are available in free reader, and you need to read the text to find the Manhwa that suits your taste.

The website is also one of the oldest sources of free Manhwa on the web. Its database includes both timeless Korean Manhwa classics and the latest releases, all translated into English by fans. The quality of the Manhwa images is top-notch, and the site is updated several times a day, including an extensive, well-organized directory that lets you organize titles in a variety of ways.

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